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300+ Employees

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100+ Injection Molding Machines

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OralGos®, A dental care brand with Royal British ancestry, originating in 1999 and perfectly integrated with modern technology. OralGos® Committed to conveying the scientific concept of oral care to the British royal family and the world, providing solutions to promote oral health.

In 2015, NEWCLAYS HEALTHCARE (UK) invested in MARBON GROUP, enhancing the global supply chain. NEWCLAYS(UK) introduced automated production, upgrading MARBON GROUP’s workshop for improved efficiency and product quality.

Welcome to MARBON-Toothbrush Top Manufacturer

Electric Sonic Toothbrush, Water Flosser OEM ODM Customized Solutions

Oralgos Electric Toothbrush
Oralgos Water Flosse
Oralgos U-shaped Toothbrush
Oralgos Manual Toothbrush

OralGos Advantages

Oralgos design

We will design a custom-made electric toothbrush to fit your business needs and requirements.

Design Service

Oralgos machine test

We have a rigorous quality inspection process to ensure the quality and safety of toothbrushes.

Strict Test

Oralgos private label

We can help you to make your private label with the design process and make sure that your brand toothbrush will be in best quality.

OEM Service

In Stock to Ship

Strong production capacity ensures that we can accept large quantity orders.

In Stock to Ship

Personalized Toothbrush Manufacturer

Best electric toothbrush brand, providing newest sonicare toothbrush

High Standard Toothbrush Manufacturer

Professional electric toothbrush factory, standardized management, prompt delivery.

Best Sonicare Toothbrush

Excellent designers, advanced production line, results to the best sonic toothbrush, and various of sonicare toothbrushes, travel toothbrush, automatic toothbrush, smart rechargeable toothbrush, etc.

Technological Innovation

We continue to lead innovation in oral care technology and deliver it to our customers. Help our clients gain market access.

Skilled Workers

Most of our workers have been employed by us for over 10 years. They are proficient in all aspects of best sonic toothbrushes production.

100% Flexible Customized Design

We will provide you with high-quality electric toothbrush products and services, as w ell as perfect after-sales service to ensure our win-win cooperation

Rich Types of Toothbrushes and Water Floss

We offer a wide range of products, from mini toothbrush for children to best electric toothbrush for adults.

Personalized OEM/ODM Solution

We provide the best electric toothbrush design according to the customers’ market positioning and product requirements.

Certified to Produce Toothbrushes

Manual toothbrush, Electric toothbrush, Sonic care toothbrushes, Bamboo toothbrush, Kids toothbrush, Water toothpick,Dental flosser, Waterfloss

Honor and Certificate of Marbon Group & Oralgos Toothbrush


We are a highly-respected manufacturer of electric toothbrushes and related products with branch in UK.

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